Important Documents

Our time together is precious.  We get 50 minutes to do valuable work.  We ask that you fill out your intake paperwork prior to the first appointment so that we can get right to work. If the paperwork is not filled out before the session we will have to carve time out of the 50 mintues to allow you to complete it.

Other Documentation


Adult Intake Document

On top of the required legal mumbo jumbo this paperwork gives us a snapshot of your past and helps us makes the most use of our time together.


Minor INtake Documents

If your child that you are requesting therapy for is under the age of 18 will this is the paperwork for you.  Filling it out ahead of time will allow us to not waste any face to face time.


Notice of Privacy (HIPPA)

We care about your privacy.  Here are all the things we do to protect it.