Counseling for Kids and Teens

Finding the right counselor is a heavy weight for parents and caregivers who are concerned about their child.  We only hire counselors we would trust with our own children.  Our child and teen therapists are uncompromising on skill, expertise and compassion. 


Expert Team

At The Oaks Life Center we have an army of loving and talented therapists.  Our backgrounds and treatment modalities are diverse making us the go-to counseling center for kids and teens in the DFW area.

Multiple Approaches

Whether your child's healing and growth would be best facilitated by play therapy, behavioral therapy, DBT or social skills groups we offer all modalities in-house.   Our child and teen therapists specialize in treating trauma, aggression, depression, anxiety and much more.



Teens & Adolescents

Parenting teens is difficult! Likewise counseling teens takes a special heart.  Our therapists will help your teen heal and become a healthier human; treating depression, anxiety, trauma and many other issues that arise in the adolescent years.

EMDR for children and teens

We also offer a speciality approach to counseling called EMDR for children and teens: (Eye Movement Desensitation Reprocessing)-EMDR is an 8 phase approach to psychotherapy that is recognized as an effective, research based treatment for trauma. Clients and clinicians are reporting that EMDR is also successful in treating an array of issues including addictive behaviors, anger, anxiety, depression, loss and grief, pain reduction, performance enhancement, avoidance behaviors, self-esteem, and stress management.